Nursery Industry License Application

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Nursery Inspection

Plant Industries personnel inspect for insect and plant disease pests on nursery stock and a Nursery License is issued to all nursery business.  Certification and inspections are conducted to prevent the introduction of unwanted plant pests into Delaware, and likewise, to facilitate grower shipments of nursery stock to other states and countries (Title 3 Chapter 13-- Nurseries and Nursery Stock Law).


Any place where nursery stock is produced or any person who acquires plant material to resell or distribute, must hold a valid Nursery Industry License for each sales location prior to initiating business operations.

Nursery stock shipped into Delaware must be accompanied by a current certificate of inspection from the state of origin; nursery stock shipped out of Delaware must be accompanied by a certificate of inspection issued by the Delaware Department of Agriculture.

If any dangerously injurious plant pests are found in any nursery or at any place of business, sale of affected plant shipments will not be permitted until the infestation or infection has been controlled.